The ‘Why’ Endeavor

At Ambient Communities we strive daily towards a perspective that this company is not about us, but rather the impact our organization can make on others beyond the day-to-day business. Hospitable neighborhoods, adequate housing and secure meeting & working environments are a privilege many of us take for granted. We are inspired to use the experience, talents and opportunities we’re given to facilitate efforts towards making this a reality for others both domestically and internationally; this is the real reason ‘WHY’ we’re in business. The ‘Why’ Endeavor is a mission we embrace which pledges a portion of our time and profits towards these activities.

Some primary examples of how The ‘Why’ Endeavor is being lived out are:

  • Cooperatively & financially supporting new housing and/or community buildings for those who need it (domestic & international).
  • Contributions to community programs, education, athletics and facilities.
  • Mentorship that guides and inspires young men and women to pursue their interests.