Advisory & Management Services

In addition to developing our own projects, Ambient Communities provides a complete range of advisory and management services to efficiently maximize the value of real estate assets. Our clients are diverse and include landowners, banks, investors, public entities, municipalities, , land developers, utilities and asset managers. We provide these services sometimes on a voluntary basis. We understand the value that may be added to a distressed asset when project issues are clarified and/or resolved. Our primary objective is to advise our clients/colleagues and collaborate on the development of a strategy that we may implement on their behalf. We are results driven and bring a commitment to excellence in maximizing the value of our client’s asset.

We bring the unique combination of a developer’s knowledge of the processes, an engineer’s knowledge of the design, a general contractor’s knowledge of construction and a broker’s knowledge of the market to your project. We explore best use for each asset; maximizing the value with thoughtful and careful consideration. On behalf of our clients, we have efficiently responded to local agency concerns, managed the bond exoneration process (we have helped exonerate over $200 million dollars of bonds in the last 2 years), contracted to complete improvements and established cost estimates and reduced punch lists to the bare necessities. The resources of the entire broadly-based team are utilized on your behalf.

Most importantly, though, we recognize that our clients need an efficient advocate who can listen to and understand their direction, keep their interests at heart, and provide valuable results. That is what we value when we hire a consultant ourselves; surely our clients are not satisfied with less.